It's not a #refugeecrisis anymore, this is a #responsibilitycrisis



Drop of Hope: Refugee Support was established in response to a mounting humanitarian crisis along the Syrian border where many refugees who have fled a brutal civil war are left battling to survive and support their families day-to-day, with little or no support from NGO's and other organisations.

At present, outreach is small, we support nearly 8000 refugees across multiple camps. But it is growing. And we aim to push projects further and expands our area of operation to ensure that the most vulnerable are provided with desperately needed support, compassion and dignity.


We work in areas where there is little or no support from other organisations.



Our mission is simple: to provide humanitarian care to vulnerable refugee communities through the development and expansion of a series of projects that offer access to basic human rights.

Our Projects

Food Aid –

Food is one of the greatest demands we encounter when working in the field. Often families get by on a desperate, daily basis.

We are working hard to provide food security for thousands of Syrian refugees

W.A.S.H. –

In partnership with Khalsa Aid and private donors, we are currently working to provide clean water access in 7 camps in Southern Turkey.

Additionally, we are working to improve basic sanitation in the camps through the construction of shower points and toilets.

Without doctors on Borders –

We provide basic support in refugee camps where access to medical support is seriously lacking.


At present we have built and are support two schools in refugee camps with the hope of expanding this project further.

Teaching children how to read and write is a powerful tool in working towards a future marred by war.